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23:23 Designs supports Pattachitra  Artisans from Orrisa.

Please write to us at info@2323designs.in for Customized and corporate orders

One of the oldest forms of artwork found in Orissa, Patachitra (also spelled as Pattachitra) art is fascinating, depicts Hindu mythological tales and wonders. Primarily based on these stories from the past, Patachitra art is vibrant, unique and is a fine display of dexterous Indian craftsmanship at its best. It has a traditional appeal and is intrinsic with Indian values, customs and rituals, which are a part and parcel of the Hindu faith and religion. What started off as different forms of paintings has however evolved to become an immense facet of Indian accessories and other forms of traditional fashion as well.

This style of painting is a unique blend of classical and folk elements and has more bent towards a folk style in the larger sense. What is even more interesting is that this artwork has Mughal influences as well when it comes to the character’s apparel and fashion sense.

Each character is characterised with clear dark lines which give a definite shape and appeal. Natural dyes and colors are used, all of which are derived from fruits and vegetables. 

The background or landscape of each narrative is simple and not too detailed since the main focus lies on the characters and their actions. Flower and leaf motifs are the common styling elements used to give a more aesthetic appeal to the artwork. Traditional colors such as red, green, yellow, dark blue, white, and orange are used to define each section of the painting.

The one common element found in all patachitra art is the use of detailed borders which may or may not be in relation to the rest of the painting since they are used to give uniformity to the entire painting. The craftsman usually uses Cotton for this artwork, and apart from paint, no additional embellishments are used.

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