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Kota Doria

23:23 Designs supports Kota Doria Artisans from Kota.

Please write to us at info@2323designs.in for Customized and corporate orders.

Kota Doria fabric, itself gives us the illustration of its origin. It takes its name from a small town of Rajasthan, Kota, where artisans have been practicing this craft for generations. Also, Doria itself means thread. But according to some historians, Kota is not the first place where weaving of Kota Doria started. It was Mysore, in Karnataka region, where the art of Kota Doria was first invented. There, artisans who practiced this were referred to as “Masurias’. And it was during Mughal era, when these Masurias were brought to the town of Kota by Rao Kishore Singh, a general in the army of Mughal king Shahjahan because making of this fabric was extremely tedious and complex and only the most skilled artisans of that time could make this fabric. It was given a name ’Kota-masurias’ which was then replaced by Kota Doria.

Kota Doria is one versatile fabric that is perfect for both casual and formal wear. The colorful sarees designed beautifully can be worn for all kinds of occasion. There are also three different styling of Kota Doria-Basic, block printing and with zari border.

Basic Kota Doria is the simple Kota Doria fabric made only out of Cotton or plain golden threads. This kind of Kota Doria was the only Kota Doria practiced traditionally. Block Printing was later on practiced on Kota Doria to make it more attractive and give it a completely new look. This kind of Kota Doria is often referred as hand-blocked Kota Doria. Kota Doria’s with a zari border definitely adds elegance to an outfit and make it look more sumptuous.

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