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Eri silk

Eri silk, also called Ahimsa silk or peace silk is a non-violent silk which does not require to kill the moth to extract the fiber. The wild silk worm called Samia cynthia ricini is covered by its food, castor leaves in a tribal area of Assam.

Before spinning the eri silk cocoons, the moth has to leave the cocoon and a hole remains. It is a very long process which takes around 45 days in total. The growth of the worm itself takes 30 days during which it is continuously eating the castor leaves from the trees in the villages.Once the final size is attained the worms start to spin their cocoons. This takes another 15 days. 

The moth leaves the cocoon after spinning and flies off. For this reason, eri silk is the preferred material of Buddhists and Vegans.

Eri Silk yarn is thus woven into beautiful  motifs that are mostly imitation of flowers, ferns, trees, butterflies, animals, birds and even Assamese traditional ornaments like the Thuria, Loka Paro, Joonbiri and Gaam kharu. Though most motifs and patterns found in the silk garments do not necessarily have a meaning, many are basically contemporary in style.

Interestingly , unlike other varieties of Silk, Eri does not have a sheen, and thus many a times consumers donot value Eri as Silk, or the High price behind the long process of Extraction.

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