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Crewel Embroidery

23:23 Designs Supports a Small group of Crewel Embroidery Women Artisans in the Valley of Kashmir. Please write to us at info@2323desigs.in for Customized products or Corporate orders.23:23 Designs follows the SDG of Gender Equality and Believes in Women Empowerment

The word “crewel” is an old word that refers to the yarn itself, a two-ply wool yarn. Therefore, many experts in crewel embroidery believe that you must use this type of yarn in order to do “crewel embroidery”. Others prefer a looser definition of crewel embroidery that refers to the stitches and designs rather than the type of yarn.

Crewel embroidery is by nature a chain stitch and is used greatly in the manufacture of chainstitch rugs, pillow cases and cushion covers. Wool or artsilk yarn is worked in an allover fashion giving the chainstitch rugs a carpet like feel.

A second form of crewel embroidery uses cotton thread instead of wool and is much finer than crewel wool embroidery. It is worked on apparel - coats, jackets, shawls, salwar kameez and others.

 The embroidery is so fine that it adds very little to the weight of the fabric. An allover design jacket for example may add as little as 100 grams to its weight after embroidery. Woolen crewel embroidery in comparison will add 200 to 300 grams to each yard of fabric.

The Famous Motifs are Chinar Leaves, Birds and Foliage.



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