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Chamba Rumal

23:23 Designs supports Individual Chamba Embroidery Artisans from Himachal. To help revive the craft we take on Customized requests for Saris, Stoles and other Home Furnishing pieces

The word ‘ Chamba rumal ‘ immediately makes you imagine the Raas Leela of Lord Krishna and His Gopies, a visual art form that represents unique and charming embroidery done on a hand spun cloth with untwisted silken thread, which is greatly inspired from Pahari paintings. The ‘Chamba Rumal’, or the Chamba handkerchief is famed for its exquisite embroidery and miniature Rumals of Chamba is an indigenous brand that provides an exclusive market place for selling India’s rare, spectacular embroidery from Pahari region i.e. Himachal Pradesh. The collection is based on explorations, revivals and innovations in variety of textures, stitches and motifs. We work towards sustaining the traditional craft by selling authentic hand-embroidered, hand- crafted products along with best quality silk yarns dyed with natural dyes.

Known as a "needle wonder" Chamba Rumal is now made in square and rectangular shapes. The materials used still consist of muslin, malmal, khaddar (a coarse fabric), fine charcoal or brush, and silk threads without knots. Khaddar, which is basically a rough, and hand woven cotton, and malmal, also known as fine muslin, were the fabrics used in creating Chamba rumal. The reason being that the off-white fabric creates a clear base for the embroidery while highlighting the vivid hues of the silken threads used for filling up the line art. Using a double satin stitch for the embroidery, both faces of the cloth are concurrently stitched by a forward and backward technique to maintain uniformity of design on both faces of the rumal. After completing the embroidery, the fabric is stitched with a border of about 2 to 4 inches on all sides.The art form fell into decline when it lost the royal patronage that it once enjoyed.

Please write to us at info@2323designs.in for Customized and corporate orders.

Bring home antique showpiece for home decor !!

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