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23:23 Designs supports Bhujodi Artisans from Kutch.

The distinct styles of dressing and decorations which distinguishes one community from others also speak about the artisans behind the decorative clothes. Gujarat is known for the abundance of crafts and their craftsmen with the products of local ingenuity.

Bhujodi is a major textile center which is about 8 km from southeast of Bhuj, Gujarat. Bhuj is a walled city which is the headquarters of Kutch district. The weaver community from  Bhujodi are the Vankars or weavers, the Mughal migrants who had migrated from Rajasthan about 500 years ago, to weave the woolen veil cloths and coarse woolen blanket for the Rabari community. There are about 1200 people working in the production of textile craft. In Bhujodi village off-white and coloured yarns are spread by the group of people on their streets adjacent to the veranda/courtyard where each group works to feed their loom for weaving. Each family in Bhujodi is having more than two looms for weaving either for the local purpose or for commercial. In the morning itself, the whole village is active in the making of Bhujodi products.

Interestingly , we at 23:23 Designs are promoting the Bhujodi Extra Weft weave in contemporary products such as Cushion Covers and modern colors..


Please write to us at info@2323designs.in for Customized and corporate orders

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