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23:23 Designs is associated with a very select few Banarsi weavers for exquisite brocade weaving requirements.

Like the city Varanasi, the art and culture is also unique. It has also given master craftsmen and has been noted for handicrafts, fabrics, toys, adornments, metal works, clay and wood work and greatly for its beautiful Banarasi sarees. When one hears Varanasi the thought that comes after the river Ganges and the Kashi vishvanath temple would be of these Banarasi sarees. Brocade and Zari being the specialty of the city, the saris were traditionally woven with  real gold and silver Zari threads.

The Banarasi sari tracks its roots to or is encouraged by the Mughal designs. The Banarasi sarees came into existence in the course of the Mughal times when Muslim artisans and craftsmen chose Banaras as the dwelling that unified well with their culture and started weaving silk Banarasi sarees. It is also noted that the weavers were earlier focused in cotton weaving and have switched to silk weaving past fourteenth century. They also got specialized in brocade weaving.

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Currently approximate forty thousand active weavers are found along with them are active dealers, dyers, designers and supplementary support providers. The main product of Banaras Handloom Cluster is saree and the supremacy of it still continues. Banarasi brocade is an important wear for Banarasi brides and there are varieties in Banarasi brocade sarees even. The one that is noted is Organza with zari and silk, as per the designs it is also divided into Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, and cutwork with embroidery designs.


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