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Bamboo Craft

23:23 Designs Supports many Bamboo Craft Clusters and Artisans at Orissa, Assam, Tripura and Maharashtra.

Bamboo craft is one of the most indigenous and an upcoming craft with the kind of shapes, textures and techniques being evolved in the current times.

Our Aim is to rejuvenate the bamboo industry developed in India, with the help of our patrons and partners, we want to support entrepreneurship and business models at micro, Bamboo Products Manufacturing small and medium levels, to promote product development and feed the food industry keeping in mind the market demand with this we all together can achieve our Bamboo Mission in india. The most memorable thing is that the perfection of the environment is favorable which totally is eco-friendlly with nature, which is very much needed in today's time.

Raw Material and Tools Used for Bamboo Craft

  • Knives: It is used in splitting, cutting, and slicing the bamboo.
  • Wood Block:It is used like the Hammer and Anvil or Bench block for work process.
  • Water:It is used in soften the bamboo surface for weaving
Please contact us at info@2323designs.in for Corporate and Customized Orders.

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