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Applique Work

We support a cluster of 200+ women , at Barmer, Rajasthan, meticulously adorning Negative Applique  with their nimble fingers. 

Patchwork and appliqué are very ancient techniques and sometimes referred to as one, although the  only difference between them is that patchwork or piecework is the process of joining small pieces of fabric in to a larger whole, while appliqué is the process of sewing smaller pieces of fabric onto a larger background fabric. It is a technique of forming a single pattern with different pieces of cloth. 

Reverse applique is cutting away part of a motif to reveal the background fabric and the edges are turned under and hand sewn or can be left raw also with running stitches on top to keep the top layer in place.

The Motifs are usually fairly varied, getting inspired from the flora of villages. The top motif which is adorned is the Tree of Life. Usually patterns are made on Tone on Tone Fabrics, but with contemporary times Contrasting layers are also in vogue.


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