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Aipan Art

23:23 Designs Supports a cluster of 40+ women skilled in Aipan at Uttrakhand.

Aipan is a traditional folk art specifically made by women of Uttarakhand. This art is done on floor over brick red background with white paste made out of rice flour. The typical art is done on all special occasions and household ceremonies and rituals. It is believed that these motifs evoke divine power which brings good fortune and wards off evil.

Aipan is drawn on a smooth surface that is prepared using wet ochre mud, known as geru, which is red in colour. A white paste is made by grounding cooked rice in water. This paste is known as bisvar and is used to draw patterns on the surface. The women use their fore, ring and middle finger to draw the patterns. Uttarakhand Aipan painting has its unique identity which is always done on the empty walls and on the ground which is a symbol of fortune and fertility. The art form is used to decorate floors and walls at the Puja room (place of worship) and entrance of homes and practiced by many other communities of different region.

Raw Materials: The raw material used is simple ochre (Geru ) color and rice paste. It is mostly women who paint the designs on the floors and walls of their homes using the last three fingers of the right hand. Once the Geru base is ready the artist draws the pattern free hand. Chowkies are made with mango wood and painted with special designs for each occasion. Now a days Aipan is being used in different ways like patterns for cards, wall hanging, cushion covers, table cloths, even T-Shirts. The decorative patterns used to adorn doorways have been adapted for gift tags, bookmarks, clay items, wooden boxes, trays and coasters.

Contact us at info@2323designs.in for getting customized Aipan work products done.

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